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Cpaneladmin.png cPanel Server Administration - UNLIMITED 24/7
$49 per month, including server monitoring
cPanel server administration, management and support
* Securing and Upgrading of Your Server
* New Server Setup
* Secure and Optimize Apache (HTTP)
* Install Mod_Security
* PHP Tightening
* Rootkit/Virus Checking
* Log Analysis
* Software Installation
* Removal of Unused Software or Services
* Removal of Old Logfiles
* Clear Disk Space Usage
* APF or CSF Firewall Installation
* Brute Force Detection Intallation
* Shell Fork Bomb/Memory Hog Protection
* MySQL optimization
* /TMP Directory Issues
* Kernel Patching
* Malware Scanning
* Virus Scanning
* Hard Disk Performance Tweaking
* Increase RAM Memory Efficiency
* Backup Audit
Servermonitoring.png Server Monitoring Only
$9 per month
24/7 Monitoring of your server
We monitor your web server to make sure it is up and serving your website every 5 minutes 24/7/365. If your server is down, we make sure you know about it!

We have selected the most-common ports for monitoring on cPanel servers. If you have specific monitoring requirements please modify the items below. Otherwise, the default monitoring options work for most servers. You may also modify these in the future from http://monitor.mycpadmin.com. Note: You get 1 service included in the price. You can select more services for $3 per service.

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